Please use our Global Tax Tracker to help you quickly navigate the latest COVID-19 tax arrangements, by country and topic, answering frequently asked questions that we have been posed, including:

  • What tax measures is the government taking for businesses?
  • What adjustments are being made for tax payments (e.g., can tax payments be deferred or prepayments/installments be adjusted)?
  • Is it possible to reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) already paid to the tax authorities for invoices that are not paid by customers?
  • What is the treatment of losses (e.g., is it possible to claim a provisional carry-back of tax losses)?
  • Any other special arrangements?
  • Any impacts on ongoing tax audits, disputes or negotiations?

To request an alert when updates to this tracker are made, please email indicating the countries that are of interest to you.   

Alongside this Tax Tracker, you can access a wide range of additional materials and articles in the Dentons COVID-19 hub – including a checklist on the items organizations should be looking at currently, guidance on financial assistance programs, economic papers and useful links to further sources of information.

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